Mike + Alyssa

Here’s a couple whose engagement session I had really been looking forward to.  I knew from our engagement shoot that they’re absolutely crazy for each other! Alyssa is one of the sweetest, most bubbly people I know, and Mike is just so warm and charming.  It’s easy to see what a perfect match they are!

This session was everything I had hoped for and more: nonstop smiles, laughter, and kisses on an absolutely gorgeous late Fall day… just like our perfect couple who looked like they just came out of a magazine.  The love and connection between them made my job super easy, and we’re so excited about their wedding!

Take a look below, and please join us in congratulating them on their upcoming wedding!

Just a Fraction of the Stunning Engagement Photos!

If only we could share all of the photos but fitting 100’s photos is simply not possible with our website server.  Regardless, the fraction of the photos we are able to share, undoubtedly, showcase the stunning quality you can expect with our Award Winning Team.  Enjoy the Photo Gallery Teaser!