Jon + Amelia

They say when you find the right person you just know.  And if that’s the case, this couple knew they were destined for each other since High School!  Amelia and Jon celebrated their special day at the enchanting Blumen Gardens surrounded by their closest friends & family members.  The bride and groom’s love story was not the only fairytale at this wedding – Amelia’s dress was just as magical!

The two lovebirds had a sweet, endearing first look that left Jon smiling for the rest of the day.  The ceremony, was a roller-coaster of emotion: applause, laughter, tears, laughter, and yes a picture perfect romantic 1st kiss. 

The reception festivities were a ton of fun for us to capture as well, including some very touching toasts leaving not a single dry eye in the building.  This is the kind of wedding we were made for and we enjoyed every moment, every tear, and every frame.

Their wedding was a perfect showcase of their love.  The newlywed’s photos stole the show. The bride and groom look so happily in love – as they should be on such a special day!  Check out some of our favorite moments from this magical High School sweethearts wedding!   

Just a Fraction of the Stunning Wedding Photos!

If only we could share all of the photos but fitting over 1,100 photos is simply not possible with our website server.  Regardless, the fraction of the photos we are able to share, undoubtedly, showcase the stunning quality you can expect with our Award Winning Team.  Enjoy the Photo Gallery Teaser!