Ellis House and Equestrian Center Wedding

Berkley + Elijah’s Wedding was as beautiful as it was special.  From the beginning of the wedding day with Berkley and the girls looking beautiful, and Elijah and the men hanging out and relaxing, through the end of the celebration, there wasn’t a shortage of moments for us to capture.  And can I just say that Berkley could not possibly have picked a better dress?

Their ceremony was sweet, and I think captured the essence of their relationship together.  Perhaps the most entertaining, and certainly the most energized, part of this wedding day was at their reception inside the wedding tent.  We’ve never seen such an enthusiastic and excited crowd join the couple on the dance floor!  Everyone was having such a great time.  I believe the special moments and energy of the wedding day were a perfect reflection of Berkley + Elijah and their incredible story!

I hope this Wedding Gallery brings you all back to the roller-coaster of emotion that very day: applause, laughter, tears, and smiles throughout Berkley + Elijah’s Wedding Day!

Just a Fraction of the Stunning Wedding Photos!

If only we could share all of the photos but fitting close to 800 photos is simply not possible with our website server.  Regardless, the fraction of the photos we are able to share, undoubtedly, showcase the stunning quality you can expect with our Award Winning Team.  Enjoy the Photo Gallery Teaser!