Lia + Colby

We absolutely loved having the privilege of capturing this adoring couple’s wedding day, and we could most definitely sense the strong bond between them!  Lia stole the show in her stunning figure-hugging wedding dress, while hubby Colby looked quite handsome.

I love couples who incorporate a lot of family and friends into their wedding. Lia & Colby’s wedding was so much fun and so personal.  Their officiant, was a longtime family friend who had known Colby his whole life.  His words were sentimental yet funny, and everyone loved what he had to say.  The wedding ceremony featured a unique branding of wood, which was a 1st for me.  

The wedding reception featured several amazing and touching toasts which brought many tears to the room.   The rustic wedding theme, was absolutely perfect for the couple as they danced and laughed under the stars that evening.  From what we’ve seen of the pair, we think their love will reach well beyond the stars! 

We’re incredibly grateful to have been there to capture these beautiful moments, and wish Lia & Colby all the best in their new journey together!


Just a Fraction of the Stunning Wedding Photos!

If only we could share all of the photos but fitting over 1,000 photos is simply not possible with our website server.  Regardless, the fraction of the photos we are able to share, undoubtedly, showcase the stunning quality you can expect with our Award Winning Team.  Enjoy the Photo Gallery Teaser!