Jr. Associate Pricing

One of the core challenges facing couples today is sorting through all of the vendors and finding “The BEST of The BEST!”  Any photographer and/or videographer can capture 5-10 great shots but only “The BEST of The BEST” can capture your wedding day love story in such great detail that you are able to relive the entire day for a lifetime.

And that’s our ultimate goal! To capture and retell your wedding day better than any other wedding photographer and/or videographer.


***A Sam or Katie Service​ guarantees that those photos and/or videos are ready within 14 days and awaiting your final payment. Your payment(s) can be made via Chase Quickpay to​ ​Katie@windycityproduction.com​, or via Venmo to @​Windycityproduction, or via check made out to “Windy City Production” and delivered to 42 W. Downer Place, Aurora, IL 60506. 

​​Please feel free to​ schedule, at your convenience, an In-Studio payment by CLICKING HERE.

Teaser(s) are delivered along side the full edits allowing the clients to release/drop the teaser(s) to family & friends as they see fit.  Unfortunately, we can NOT guarantee Wedding Album(s) and/or Print(s) delivery being all such product(s) depend on 3rd party printers.  Also, we have to assess Travel Charges to any event exceeding our 50-mile limit. Also, we may have to assess an additional Parking Charge to reimburse any vendor parking fees.***

Jr. Associate Photographer + WCP Edit

Included 8 X 8 Romantics Wedding Album


Katie & Jesus

What an unforgettable day full of love & emotion. We started the day off with some photos of Katie and her lovely bridesmaids getting ready.  Oh I still can’t get enough of Katie’s natural beauty!

The lovebirds, Katie & Jesus, had a cute, endearing first look. The ceremony was a roller-coaster of emotion, applause, laughter, tears, laughter, and yes an epic kiss. 

The reception festivities were a ton of fun for us to capture as well, including some memorable toasts, and a packed dance floor.  This Associate Photographer + Katie or Sam Edit is the kind of wedding we were made for and we enjoyed every moment, every tear, and every frame. CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY

Allison & Jeremy

From the serene moments of preparation to the grandeur of the ceremony, Allison & Jeremy radiated love and joy throughout their wedding day. As storytellers behind the lens, we had the honor of capturing every nuance, every smile, and every tear that made their day truly exceptional.

I hope this Associate Videographer + Katie or Sam Edit Wedding Cinema brings you all back to the magic of Allison & Jeremy’s Wedding Day Love Story!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY

Beata & Austin

From the beginning of the wedding day with Beata and the girls looking beautiful, and Austin and the men hanging out and relaxing, through the end of the celebration, there wasn’t a shortage of moments for us to capture.  And can I just say that Beata could not possibly have picked a better dress?

Their ceremony was sweet, and I think captured the essence of their relationship together. 

I hope this Associate Photographer + Katie or Sam Edit Wedding Gallery brings you all back to the roller-coaster of emotion that very day: applause, laughter, tears, and smiles throughout Beata & Austin’s Wedding Day!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY

Kaitlin & Tim

Witness the love, laughter, and tender moments that unfolded throughout Kaitlin & Tim’s wedding day.  Our lenses didn’t just capture scenes; they immortalized the emotions that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Collaborating with Kaitlin & Tim was a joyous experience. We believe in building a connection with our couples, understanding their vision, and ensuring their personalities shine through in the final product. It’s not just a video; it’s a timeless reflection of their love.

I hope this Associate Videographer + Katie or Sam Edit Wedding Cinema showcases just how beautiful Kaitlin & Tim’s Wedding Day was!  CLICK HERE TO VIEW GALLERY