Frequently Asked Questions

$250 Value Adding Challenge!

We are honored you have considered us for the big day & you have to be asking yourself what makes WCP so special?  I believe we have and continue to add more value than any other Wedding Photographer and/or Videographer. 

However, if you are the 1st to find any other Wedding Photographer or Videographer who has and continues to offer more value I will gladly personally send you $250.  No strings attached!  Our 10 year reputation is on the line and we’ve NEVER not honored an offer.  By the end of the video you could be $250 richer or, even better yet, found the best value adding Wedding Photographer and/or Videographer.  Cheers to your win-win!  We stand 100% behind our challenge CLICK HERE to learn more.   

Why Windy City Production?  We are a company unlike any other that has and continues to raise the industry standards.  We strive to continually add new value, overdeliver, and tackle what’s thought to be impossible.  We simply offer an unmatched experience & product at a fraction of the price.  Sound too good to be true?  Our resume includes:

However, we believe you’re only as good as your last shoot.  With that said I would love to share with you video proof of an unmatched experience!  To our knowledge there is NOT another Videographer who continually pulls off such a Day of Edit Experience. 

Windy City Production Principles?

If I had to boil our success down to ONLY three principles they would be: 

  • Shoot like your life depends on it
  • Relentlessly grow & shape your skillset
  • Be the best at adding value 

Our principles are not just good potential bumper sticker phrases but truthfully the DNA of our company.  It’s our very principles that have led to this completely transparent FAQ’s page in hopes of it adding value to you in your search for the perfect Wedding photographer and/or videographer.  

Why Not Windy City Production?

Truthfully there is not a single company that is perfect for every couple.  Over the years we have noticed a few key reasons why Windy City Production would NOT be a great fit.  With incredible determination and hard work we have grown into an Internationally Ranked & Awarded Husband & Wife Team.  We certainly aren’t as affordable as our initial humble beginnings however, there is no doubt we have never been more valuable to our clients.  Long story short Windy City Production would not be a great fit to a couple strictly shopping on the lowest initial price.  Katie & I were the definition of broke college kids planning a Wedding on a shoe string budget so please don’t see us as budget bashers.  There is a difference in shopping strictly on price versus shopping for value.  I believe you can still find great value at an incredible price but that is entirely up to the personal value you seek.  I whole heartedly believe there isn’t a better company when shopping for value in the form of experience, dependability, credibility, transparency, exceptional variety, and stunning quality.  

Trust plays a huge part in our foundation that every Windy City Production client highly values.  We would certainly not be a great fit to anyone who lacks the trust in us to guide, capture, and deliver uniquely stunning Wedding day photos and/or videos.  Our Wedding Day guidance is unique and requires trust allowing us to help create unforgettable moments.  Our style will not leave you feeling uncomfortable or asking what to do with your hands.  Our specialty is creating moments that naturally accentuate the Wedding Day’s emotions of love, joy, and happiness.  Imagine your husband whispering in your ear what he loves most about your dress, which allows us to capture your natural blush from a distance.  Imagine the priceless reaction captured as your Mother shares what she admires most about you as she helps you with the finishing jewelry touches.  Yes, there is a very unique art to our guidance that naturally creates incredible imagery & moments you will never forget so long as you trust us.

We have fully liberated our clients giving them the responsibility and freedom to schedule initial consultations, final meetings, and yes deposit or final payments at their convenience.  Couples not interested in the responsibility and freedom would most likely find a better fit outside of Windy City Production.    

Unfortunately, over the years we have had a few rare couples looking to take advantage of Windy City Production.  Yes we are really generous, humble, and light hearted individuals continually striving to overdeliver.  We refuse to be treated disrespectfully, sexual harassment won’t be tolerated, and we will not be bullied into giving you free services and/or give products, or slash our transparent pricing.  Our principles guide our performance but ultimately we can only capture the wedding that happens; weather, location, schedule complications, time restraints and subject’s ability to cooperate, are all factors in the quality of the photos and or videos.   

How & When Should We Book Windy City Production?

Being a small boutique company we book out fast and far ahead!  I’d highly recommend reviewing all of our FAQ’s below and if possible scheduling a Consultation.  However, if you are set on Windy City Production a signed contract along with a $750 deposit per 2022 service locks in any Weddings through December 31st 2022.  A $1,000 deposit per service locks in any Wedding following December 31st 2022.  Unfortunately, we can only accommodate open dates on a 1st come 1st serve basis.    

In order to properly draw up a contract we would need you to answer the questions below.  Our contracts have a 7 day hold on the date regardless of signing, to ensure you have plenty of time to review.  A duly signed contract locks in the price and the contracts stated package terms.

  • Official Wedding Date?
  • Full names of the Bride(s) and/or Groom(s)?​
  • What package(s) would you like to move forward with (Photo and/or Video – Associate or Katie/Sam)?
  • What is the best number to keep on file?
  • Pre-ceremony Location address or TBD?
  • Ceremony location address or TBD?
  • Reception  location address or TBD?
  • Optional additional location(s) address or TBD?​
  • General Time-line of your wedding or TBD (You Can Always Change Your Timeline)​?
  • Please Share Any Past WCP Client Referrals?

Website Updates, Price Increases, Package Updates, Consultations & Availability?

Our Website, pricing, packages, phone and/or instudio consultations, and availability are continuously changing due to our never ending commitment to add more value.  ONLY a duly signed contract locks in the date, price, and the contracts stated package terms.  

Scheduling Consultations?

We would love to connect with you to learn a bit more about your vision, style, & Wedding Day details.  Rest assured we would not ask you to make any decisions or ask for any commitments. It is simply an opportunity for us to fully understand your specific needs!

Please feel free to​ schedule, at your convenience, a Phone Call by CLICKING HERE or even better schedule an In-Studio Consultation by CLICKING HERE.

Looking forward to connecting with you and if you prefer to chat now feel free to shoot me a call 708-663-0637.


What is the Final Photo Product? 

With all of our Photo Packages you will receive a personal online gallery that depicts your Wedding Day in stunning detail.  With all of our Photo Packages you retain the full release to download, print, post and/or share your Wedding Day photos as you see fit.  I highly recommend checking out our FULL Online Galleries for quality, variety, and story telling comparison by clicking here.  Our online galleries allow you to download the photos easily, create favorites lists, share the gallery and/or favorites lists, seamlessly and securely purchase prints all with a few clicks of the mouse.  

How Many Photos?

Our goal is to capture your Wedding Day in stunning detail for you and your loved ones to relive over and over.  With our Associate photo packages we have been on average delivering 600 to 800 edited high resolution images.  With a Katie or Sam photo package we have been on average delivering 900 to 1,400 edited high resolution images.  Our goal is not to hit a number but rather capture as much variety all while maintaining the highest quality.  Ultimately, we can only capture the wedding that happens; weather, location, schedule complications, time restraints and subject’s ability to cooperate, are all factors in the quality and number of photos.

What is the Final Video Product?

With all of our Video Packages you will receive a Hollywood worthy Cinema retelling your Wedding Day Love Story.  Our Associate Cinemas range from 5-7 minutes in length and our Sam or Katie Cinemas range from 8-12 minutes in length.  In addition to your Cinema you will receive an approximately 1 minute Instagram Teaser, 1-2 minute Facebook Teaser, all of the Raw Footage including the Full Ceremony & Toasts in a Raw Footage form (Unpolished & Un-Edited) delivered digitally via Google Drive.  Understandably our Unpolished & Un-Edited Raw footage is a benefit to our clients but please, please, please don’t base your hiring decision on our Raw footage.  Rather hire us for our stunning Wedding Cinemas.  We strive to deliver the best Wedding Cinemas -vs- the best Raw footage.  Sam or Katie Cinemas will also receive all Raw Footage via an external Hard Drive.   


We are proud to share with you that every single Wedding captured by WCP has been edited in-studio to ensure the highest quality.  As an artist we create the best Wedding Day depiction we can with the photos and/or video footage, portraying the day professionally, dependably, and artistically in great detail.  This is only possible when our clients entrust us with COMPLETE CREATIVE control during the event and in post-processing.  


No FREE re-editing will be done.  Worried?  Don’t sweat it we have one of the largest galleries, hundreds of raving reviews, and the Windy City Production principles all of which we highly encourage you to review.  10 years in and we have yet to miss a single Wedding and more specifically you will not find a legitimate Wedding review questioning the quality of our edits.  At the end of the day you will have to entrust someone to capture and retell your Wedding Day Love Story, please be sure it is someone with an incredible track record.  Should you request any re-editing we will provide a customized quote for the additional work.

Printing, Posting, & Sharing?

With all of our Photo and/or video Packages you retain the full release to download, print, post and/or share your Wedding Day Love Story as you see fit.

Video Music Selections & Licensing?

Yes, your favorite songs have never been more affordable via iTunes or easily accessible via Spotify, but unfortunately we can not use them without the proper licensing, which can be extremely expensive.   

We’ve made the investment in providing our clients with multiple music licensing options keeping both you and Windy City Production legally safe.  We can gladly accommodate any personal selections from,, and/or with no additional fees with our paid for memberships. 

If you prefer to use a top 40 track offers some affordable options but unfortunately we would have to pass along their discounted licensing fees of approximately $35 per track with our paid for Songfreedom membership. 

Delivery Time?

A Sam or Katie Service​ guarantees that those associated photos and/or videos are fully edited and ready within 14 days and awaiting your final payment.  All Associate Services are fully edited and ready within 4-8 weeks and awaiting your final payment.

Water Marks?

We refuse to watermark our clients photos. We believe a watermark would detract from the quality of the photo.

Windy City Production Shooting Style?

Our style has been defined by powerful, emotional images and moments that are full of feeling.  We’re committed to providing you with photographs and cinemas that you will fall in love with, and our candid, documentary story-telling approach leaves you free to enjoy your day while we preserve your memories.

Custom Album Orders?

A Personally Customized Wedding Album is NOT included in any of our photography packages but can be added on as an A la carte option.  We charge a $500 design fee and simply pass along, Floricolor, our printer of choices cost to print.  Our pricing model allows you to get 3 Layflat hand crafted albums for the typical cost of 1 Wedding album from other photographers.

I’ve included a price break down to Floricolor’s Touch Collection below in case you were interested in comparing the costs. 
16″ X 12″ Touch Collection Layflat = $280 Per Album (20 spreads)
                                                                 +$500 Design Fee
                                                                   $780 for 1 Album -vs- $1,340 for 3 Albums with 20 spreads

Print Orders?

We have been able to partner together with one of the country’s best Professional Photo Labs.  Taking it a step further every couples online gallery integrates with the Photo Lab for ease of ordering prints. However, every couple has a full release to print, post, and/or share as they see fit.


What if the Team is Sick?

Great question!  We have not been immune to sickness or tragedy over the years shooting through them all to the best of our ability.  There was the time Katie shot with twenty stitches in her elbows, knees, and chin.  Or the time I took a surf board to the face, requiring stitches, and was behind the camera hours later for the Wedding.  I will never forget the time I finished shooting with my body slipping into septic shock.  Yes we have backups in place and on site including the two previous examples but our motto is we don’t miss Weddings.  I guess Katie and I are just hard headed and unwilling to toss the towel in even when the backups are present.  Long story short we have backups in place to ensure no Wedding is missed.        

Associates vs Katie or Sam?

We ​have ​been growing our ​very talented​ team/family of associate Photographers & Videographers over the past four years.​  We cross train with both photo & video to ensure a deeper understanding of guiding and directing throughout the Wedding day.  Katie ​and/or​ I​ would be honored to play a part personally in your Wedding day.  It does indeed require a larger investment but truly are all ​investments​ the same?  Let me explain​ and I will use cars as an example​! You wouldn’t expect the same quality​ & experience​ from a Ford Focus vs a Lamborghini ​Aventador​.  Absolutely not!  Nor would you expect the same​ quality from a Cadillac ​Escalade​ vs a Lamborghini ​Aventador!  Wedding Photography & Videography are no different when it comes to quality​ & experience​.  Luckily each and every client can compare & contrast the pricing, quality, final product, and delivery time. ​​    

Strictly Associate Photo Galleries?

Strictly Associate Cinema Galleries?


2nd Shooters?

We believe it’s not the number of shooters but rather the quality of shooter that makes the biggest difference.  How is it that we can shoot alongside a separate company with three photographers and still individually pull off an incredible day of video edit plus snag a few international award winning pics as the sole videographer, while the 3 photographers have nothing to show?  Okay completely different services that shouldn’t be compared but we find it inspiring. 

Unfortunately, our industry tries to scare couples into adding a 2nd shooter.  Honestly, we can count on one hand the true value adding 2nd shooters we have seen in action over the past 10 years.  A true value adding 2nd shooter should not be standing directly next to the lead shooter capturing the identical shot all day long but that is what we consistently see.  If you have a true value adding 2nd shooter they are indeed a fantastic blessing but certainly not a requirement.  We specialize as individual shooters and I’d challenge any naysayers to point out any moments and/or angles that were missed.  Please don’t take our confidence as arrogance but rather let our work speak for itself.     

Gear Used?

Katie & I prefer to use Sony’s A9 and/or Sony’s A1 while shooting photo and use a mixture of Panasonic’s GH5s & Sony’s A7SIII cameras while shooting video.  What’s not to love about Sony’s incredible focusing capabilities?  Katie & I have strictly shot in 4K 8bit & 10bit coloring over the past two years and will be implementing the higher standard with our Associate team as we move forward.  

Drone Coverage?

We are HUGE drone fans and prefer to utilize them when possible.  However, it is the responsibility of the client to secure any required permission of the venues and/or locations to photograph and or videograph the event via use of a drone.  Additionally, weather, location restrictions, schedule complications, time restraints and subject’s ability to cooperate, are all factors on the possibility to utilize any drones.

Is Dinner Required?

Katie & I respectfully prefer to pass on dinner being we are generally busy trying to pull off a day of edit teaser.  A meal is certainly not required with our Associates but greatly appreciated.  We just ask that you let your team members know at the final meeting so they can plan accordingly.     


Unfortunately, we have to assess a $3 per mile Travel Charge to any event exceeding our Free 50-mile studio radius.  Also we may have to pass along any vendor parking fees.

Additional Coverage?

We have the entire day blocked out for you and will gladly accommodate any additional coverage.  Any Katie or Sam services additional coverage is $200 per hour per service.  Our Associate services additional coverage is $200 per hour per service.

Holiday Pricing?

Unfortunately, we can not -$500 Friday/Sunday discount any and all Holiday Weddings.  New Years Eve, Memorial Day Weekend, 4th of July, & yes all of Labor Day Weekend would be priced at the full Saturday rate.  NYE & Labor Day Sunday have been the two busiest days over the past 6 years.

Discounted Shortened Coverage?

Unfortunately, we can’t discount shortened coverage inquires.  A shortened Wedding, less than 8 hours of coverage, would still require any company and/or shooter to commit to the entire day, being they wouldn’t be able to jump to a new Wedding mid-way through the day.  


After personally saying “I Do” Ten years ago I discovered how most vendors never listed their pricing so we made it our mission to be as transparent as possible. You can view our detailed pricing lists by Clicking Here!

  • 2022 SATURDAY PRICING ***Excluding Available 6% Prepayment Discount***

Sam or Katie Photography Package:                     $4,750 -or- $4,465 Via Cash Discount + Referral Discount

Sam or Katie Cinema Package:                             $4,000 -or- $3,752 Via Cash Discount + Referral Discount

Associate Photography or Cinema Package:        $2,750 -or- $2,565​ Via Cash Discount​ + Referral Discount

  • 2022 FRIDAY & SUNDAY PRICING ***Excluding Available 6% Prepayment Discount***

Sam or Katie Photography Package:                     $4,150 -or- $3,895 Via Cash Discount + Referral Discount

Sam or Katie Cinema Package:                             $3,400 -or- $3,182 Via Cash Discount + Referral Discount

Associate Photography or Cinema Package:         $2,​250 -or- $​2,090​ Via Cash Discount + Referral Discount​


We gladly offer a $50 referral discount OR a $50 military/first responder discount, which unfortunately can’t be combined.  There is also a 5% cash discount and a maximum 6% pre-payment discount, which CAN indeed be combined.  Please, please, please refer to the available discount video above or CLICK HERE for in depth details.  Please refer to the pre-payment discount table below:

Months Out Discount Rate
1 0.5%
2 1%
3 1.5%
4 2%
5 2.5%
6 3%
7 3.5%
8 4%
9 4.5%
10 5%
11 5.5%
>12 6%


Payment Schedule?

A signed contract along with a non-refundable deposit locks in the date.  The final payment isn’t due until AFTER the Wedding at which point you will receive your Wedding Day Photos and/or Video.  


You are in luck we have hundreds of reviews adding unprecedented insight into WCP. 

WeddingWire Reviews

TheKnot Reviews

Facebook Recommendations & Reviews

Engagement Shoots?

We do indeed offer engagement sessions at $500.  I’ve included our most recent insane engagement session offer below.
$500 Sam or Katie Engagement Session:
– 60 to 90 Minutes Session
– ALL Photos Fully Edited
– Delivered via Digital Gallery
**Bonus Instagram Engagement Teaser Video**
$500 Associate Engagement Session:
– 60 to 90 Minutes Session
– ALL Photos Fully Edited
– Delivered via Digital Gallery
You can schedule your engagement session at your convenience by Clicking Here or visiting
The sessions are 60 to 90 minutes and all photos are fully edited + delivered to you to download, post and/or print as you see fit.  I’ve included a few recent galleries to showcase the quality and variety with our engagement sessions.  Enjoy!
INSANE Engagement Offer:

Shot Lists?

We highly encourage you to share your general vision & style along with the immediate family portrait shot list conveniently provided.  As an artist we strive to create the best Wedding Day depiction we can with the photos and/or video footage, portraying the day professionally, dependably, and artistically in great detail.  This is only possible when our clients entrust us with complete creative control during the event and in post-processing.  Unfortunately any other shot sheets would limit our creativity, our ability to capture the moments that are naturally unfolding, and most importantly depict your Wedding Day in a completely different style.      


Please feel free to download and or print our current liability insurance policy (CLICK HERE FOR PROOF OF INSURANCE).

Hold on Date?

To be completely fair to everyone a signed contract and non-refundable deposit are required to hold the date.  

Deposit Refund?

Our 2022 Weddings and beyond deposits are non-refundable to ensure that we hold the date exclusively for you.  Your wedding day is a one time, one shot moment and you Deserve the Best Wedding Team to ensure not moment is missed!  With 73,341 annual Chicago & surrounding Suburbs Weddings you better believe the best wedding photographers and videographers book fast & far ahead.  Our industry leading low deposit, final payment after the Wedding, and Sam or Katie Package 14 day delivery guarantee has us filling our remaining 2022 dates at the fastest pace in our 10 year history.  Unfortunately, we can only accommodate open dates on a 1st come 1st serve basis.


Associates Assigned?

We highly encourage you to let us know your personal style preferences but overall we try to pair the best photographer/videographer with each couple. Sharing your style preferences would certainly help us link you up with the right team members.  We assign out the team 6 weeks before the Wedding day and actually require you to personally meet with them before the Wedding as a safeguard.  Should the client and/or Associate not feel comfortable we would reassign the Wedding to ensure the best pairing.  However, we have yet to have a single client and/or Associate ever make any such request.  Katie & I have and continue to personally develop our Associates.  We wholeheartedly believe we have one of, if not the best Associate teams.  Long story short we gladly welcome your vision but we take the responsibility to pair up and assign the team out.

Scheduling Your Final Meeting?

Please schedule at your at your convenience a final meeting ​3-6 week​ before the big day.  The ​Google Calendar Invite has a 4 week ​notification built in ​as a friendly reminder.​ However, we will need you to complete our Wedding Day Questionnaire (Click​ing​ Here) before your scheduled final meeting.​ 

Final Phone Meeting (Clicking Here) or even better an In-Studio Final Meeting (Clicking Here).​

Scheduling Your Deposit or Final Payment?

A Sam or Katie Service​ guarantees that those photos and/or videos are fully edited and ready within 14 days and awaiting your final payment. Your payment(s) can be made via Chase Quickpay to​ ​​, or via Venmo to @Windycityproduction, via check made out to “Windy City Production”​​ and in person via physical cash for a 5% discount.  If you prefer to take advantage of the 5% cash discount please feel free to schedule, at your convenience, an In-Studio payment by CLICKING HERE. 

Taking Advantage of being a WCP Alumni?

We wanted to take a moment to sincerely thank all of the amazing couples that entrusted us to capture their Wedding Day Love Story over the past 10 years!  We are always looking for ways to continue to add value to our past clients including our FREE Mini Sessions, FREE Mini Maternity Sessions, FREE Head Shots, & Free Annual Christmas Shoot just to name a few. We would love to stay connected and please keep your eyes open for all of the future value adding perks.