2024 FREE Bonuses

Sam & I are personally committed to making 2024 our best year yet and would love to share with ALL our current 2024 clients a few FREE upgrades below.  Yes, we know it’s not on the pricing page or on your contract.  It hasn’t been for years and yet we continually look to raise the bar higher.  We have always over delivered and continue to add more value than any other Wedding Photo or Video company.  Cheers to the best year yet!  


Sam is looking to take our Wedding Cinemas to a whole new level with the FREE Upgrades below.  

  • FREE Video Pre-Shoot Upgrade Option

If you were interested in taking advantage of the FREE shoot, it wouldn’t take much longer than 20-30 minutes.  The FREE shoot would allow us to mix in a whole new element and hopefully some epic drone shots into your Wedding Video.  

It would be very much like an engagement shoot when planning for attire.  The only three requirements to make the Free Sam Wedding pre-shoot happen would be:

1 – It has to happen at our Studio to maximize many of our creative unique locations in Downtown Aurora area. **If you really want to get crazy I will be listing via Facebook a few select dates maximizing my favorite locations that are insanely beautiful but kind of off the grid and require some travel ex. the Indiana’s Sand Dunes of Lake Michigan & the Waterfall of Matthiessen State Park so long as you are willing to get in the Water**  

2 – It would have to happen Monday through Thursday evenings to maximize golden hour

3 – It would have to happen no sooner or later than 7-21 days before your Wedding Day

I’ve included some past examples below & please feel free to schedule your FREE Sam Pre-Shoot Video by Clicking Here!

  • FREE Groom’s Morning Upgrade Option (Unfortunately strictly Sam Video Packages)

Long story short the Groom gets the short end of coverage on the morning of the Wedding Day compared to the Ladies being they tend to take 10 minutes to get ready.  I’d love to add up to one Free extra hour, and accommodate a timeline gap, to capture the Groom & Groomsmen doing something uniquely fun.  My goal is to really showcase a side of the Groom that has been absent of our Wedding videos all while doing something completely out of the ordinary in the morning.  Some quick thoughts that would be fun off the top of my head would be squeezing in some golf in the morning or even a little time at Top Golf, a morning trip to the gun range, a unique morning workout, bike ride/cross training…, essentially something out of the ordinary but extremely fun with all of the groomsmen in the morning.  The three requirements would be:

1 – Unfortunately, we can only extend to the Groom’s Morning Upgrade Option to strictly Sam Video packages. 

2 – It has to be fun & out of the ordinary all while including the Groomsmen

3 – It has to happen semi near the ladies pre-location and It can’t conflict with us capturing the ladies on time or add any undue stress to you on your Wedding Day

I’ve included some past examples below.  If you are interested we will gladly confirm any FREE Groom’s Morning Upgrades at your final meeting 3-6 weeks before the big day. 


We have yet to nail down a date for our annual WCP FREE Headshot Shoot!  Yes if you need to replace a dated headshot we’ve you covered.  If it is anything like our FREE Christmas shoot it will fully book out quickly.  As soon as we finalize a date we will drop the details via Facebook and/or Instagram!

  • FREE Mini Sessions

As we move into another incredible Wedding season, our most important mission continues, offering the best quality and service.  We are so very excited to extend our FREE Tuesday Mini Sessions for ANY PAST WCP clients throughout 2024. Crazy! Absolutely, but something to look forward to following the Wedding.  Click Here to schedule your FREE Mini Session! 

  • FREE Maternity Mini Sessions

Congratulations to each and every newly expecting past WCP client. One of our greatest joys has been witnessing all the new little additions.  We are so very excited to extend our FREE Maternity Mini Sessions for ANY PAST WCP clients throughout 2024.  Click Here to schedule your FREE Maternity Session! 

  • 6th Annual FREE Christmas Shoot

Sometime early November/December 2024 we will announce the exact date for our annual FREE Christmas shoot for ANY and ALL PAST clients.