STEP 1 Getting to Know Windy City Production

We are a company unlike any other that has and continues to raise the industry standards.  We strive to continually add new value, overdeliver, and tackle what’s thought to be impossible.  We simply offer an unmatched experience & product at a fraction of the price.  Sound too good to be true?  Our resume includes:


Windy City Production Principles?

If I had to boil our success down to ONLY three principles they would be: 

  • Shoot like your life depends on it
  • Relentlessly grow & shape your skillset
  • Be the best at adding value 

Our principles are not just good potential bumper sticker phrases but truthfully the DNA of our company.  It’s our very principles that have led to this completely transparent FAQ’s page in hopes of it adding value to you in your search for the perfect Wedding photographer and/or videographer.  

Why Not Windy City Production?

Truthfully there is not a single company that is perfect for every couple.  Over the years we have noticed a few key reasons why Windy City Production would NOT be a great fit.  With incredible determination and hard work we have grown into an Internationally Ranked & Awarded Husband & Wife Team.  We certainly aren’t as affordable as our initial humble beginnings however, there is no doubt we have never been more valuable to our clients.  Long story short Windy City Production would not be a great fit to a couple strictly shopping on the lowest initial price.  Katie & I were the definition of broke college kids planning a Wedding on a shoe string budget so please don’t see us as budget bashers.  There is a difference in shopping strictly on price versus shopping for value.  I believe you can still find great value at an incredible price but that is entirely up to the personal value you seek.  I whole heartedly believe there isn’t a better company when shopping for value in the form of experience, dependability, credibility, transparency, exceptional variety, and stunning quality.  

Trust plays a huge part in our foundation that every Windy City Production client highly values.  We would certainly not be a great fit to anyone who lacks the trust in us to guide, capture, and deliver uniquely stunning Wedding day photos and/or videos.  Our Wedding Day guidance is unique and requires trust allowing us to help create unforgettable moments.  Our style will not leave you feeling uncomfortable or asking what to do with your hands.  Our specialty is creating moments that naturally accentuate the Wedding Day’s emotions of love, joy, and happiness.  Imagine your husband whispering in your ear what he loves most about your dress, which allows us to capture your natural blush from a distance.  Imagine the priceless reaction captured as your Mother shares what she admires most about you as she helps you with the finishing jewelry touches.  Yes, there is a very unique art to our guidance that naturally creates incredible imagery & moments you will never forget so long as you trust us.

Please, please, please don’t base your hiring WCP decision on an expectation of instant and direct communication.  Please, please, please don’t base your hiring WCP decision on our Video Raw Footage (Unpolished & Un-Edited).  Rather hire us for our commitment to stunning Wedding Photos & Cinemas.  We have fully liberated our clients giving them the responsibility to review our FAQ’s page for detailed guidance and expectations when working with WCP.  We have also liberated our clients giving them the responsibility and freedom to schedule initial consultations, final meetings, and yes deposit or final payments at their convenience.  Couples not interested in the responsibility and freedom would most likely find a better fit outside of Windy City Production.  

Unfortunately, over the years we have had a few rare couples looking to take advantage of Windy City Production.  Yes we are really generous, humble, and light hearted individuals continually striving to overdeliver.  We refuse to be treated disrespectfully, sexual harassment won’t be tolerated, and we will not be bullied into giving you free services and/or give products, or slash our transparent pricing.  Our principles guide our performance but ultimately we can only capture the wedding that happens; weather, location, schedule complications, time restraints and subject’s ability to cooperate, are all factors in the quality of the photos and or videos.   

Scheduling Consultations?

We would love to connect with you to learn a bit more about your vision, style, & Wedding Day details.  Rest assured we would not ask you to make any decisions or ask for any commitments. It is simply an opportunity for us to fully understand your specific needs!

Please feel free to​ schedule, at your convenience, a Phone Call by CLICKING HERE or even better schedule an In-Studio Consultation by CLICKING HERE.