Custom Wedding Album FAQ’s

Personally Customized Wedding Album is NOT included in any of our photography packages but can be added on as an A la carte option.  We charge a $500 design fee and simply pass along, Floricolor, our printer of choices cost to print.  Our pricing model allows you to get 3 Layflat hand crafted albums for the typical cost of 1 Wedding album from other photographers.

I’ve included a price break down to Floricolor’s Touch Collection below in case you were interested in comparing the costs. 
16″ X 12″ Touch Collection Layflat = $280 Per Album (20 spreads)
                                                                 +$500 Design Fee
                                                                   $780 for 1 Album -vs- $1,340 for 3 Albums with 20 spreads

Print Orders?

We have been able to partner together with one of the country’s best Professional Photo Labs.  Taking it a step further every couples online gallery integrates with the Photo Lab for ease of ordering prints. However, every couple has a full release to print, post, and/or share as they see fit.