Engagement Session Pricing

We do indeed offer engagement as an ala carte option.  I’ve included our most recent insane engagement session offer below along with a bunch of our past engagement galleries.
$200 Sam or Katie Mini Engagement Session:
– 20 to 30 Minute Session
– 20 Personally Selected Images Fully Edited
– Delivered via Digital Gallery
– Locations limited to Aurora **Please See Aurora Galleries Below**
$500 Sam or Katie Engagement Session:
– 60 to 90 Minutes Session
– ALL Photos Fully Edited
– Delivered via Digital Gallery
**Bonus Instagram Engagement Teaser Video**
$500 Associate Engagement Session:
– 60 to 90 Minutes Session
– ALL Photos Fully Edited
– Delivered via Digital Gallery
We highly recommend selecting an Engagement Photo location that is unique to you and/or one that you absolutely love the vibe and feel.  If you are in need of some location recommendations a few of our favorites include The Morton Arboretum & Cantigny (both of which we have an annual pass Kiss those permit fees goodbye), Downtown Chicago (ex. Olive Park, the Wriggly Building, The River Walk, the Chicago Theatre, & Lincoln Park), and yes our very own Downtown Aurora (Neither require a permit).  Both Downtown Chicago & Downtown Aurora allow for us to maximize multiple locations.  If you are really feeling adventures you may want to consider Matthiessen State Park. 
You can schedule your engagement session at your convenience by Clicking Here or visiting https://my.timetrade.com/book/NTSZH but please remember to include a location. 
I’ve included a few recent galleries to showcase the quality and variety with our engagement sessions.  Enjoy!
INSANE Engagement Offer: https://youtu.be/vzylle8CbwA

Engagement Session FAQ’s

Can I schedule an Engagement Shoot without a location?
No problem!  Many couples have yet to officially select a location but prefer to lock in a date on the safe side.  So long as we have a location 24 hrs before the shoot we are all set.  
Is there a cancelation fee?
No cancelation fee!  There are times when weather and/or life isn’t Engagement Session perfect.  We want your experience and photos to be extraordinary and have no problems should you need to reschedule to a better day and time. 
Should I bring a 2nd look/change of clothes?
We would highly recommend bringing a 2nd look/change of clothes.  You are also more than welcome to bring any props you would like for us to incorporate.  
Can I bring my fur baby?
No problem!  However, we would recommend having a family member or friend tag along to help handle the fur baby when not being incorporated.
When is payment due?
No payment is due until we finish the edits!
How do I make the payment?
Your payment can be made via Chase Quickpay to Katie@windycityproduction.com​, or via Venmo to @​Windycityproduction,​ or via 708.663.0637, in person via​ physical​ cash for a 5% discount, or via ​​check made out to “Windy City Production”.​  For any digital payments (ex. Zelle, Venmo, or Chase Quickpay) please feel free to send a small $1 – $5 test payment to ensure you are sending it to the correct address​/user​.  We would gladly let you know as soon as we receive the ​small ​test payment.​  ​Please be sure to watch our in depth Wedding Discount video for any clarifications (Click Here to View).​
If you prefer to take advantage of the 5% cash discount please feel free to​ schedule, at your convenience, an In-Studio payment by CLICKING HERE.  If you have any questions or need any help please feel free to give me a call or shoot me an email and I will gladly walk you through it.
How long does it take to received the edited photos?
Generally all Katie and Sam Engagement Sessions are fully edited within 14 days and awaiting your payment.