Final Meetings & Vendor Gallery Request

Our team is excitedly looking forward to working with you!​  ​The past few years been extraordinary for us racking up numerous international awards.​  We were also 1 of 12 companies, selected out of +40,000, as a ​2020 Editors’ Choice Awardee​ ​by ​Two Bright Lights ​with many our Weddings being ​Nationally Published & FeaturedWe hope to keep up the trend with your help and would love to showcase all of your hard work.  

​Following the Wedding we will gladly share upon your request​ the Wedding Photo Gallery and/or Cinema​.​  In addition to that we would like to potentially feature you via our NEW post Wedding podcast, which we can talk about in depth later.​

We truly want the absolute best Wedding Day and experience for the couple.​  To help ensure we are all on the same page we highly recommend each and every couple tie their Coordinating team into their Wedding Day Google Calendar Invite.  Within the Wedding Day Google Calendar Invite you will find the Windy City Production Photo and/or Video package specifics along with the Final meeting notes and/or timeline.  We also welcome any fellow vendors to the clients WCP Photo and/or Video final meeting, which is scheduled at the couples convenience. 

We’ve included a few Vendor FAQ’s below to help out:

  • What’s the best number to reach out to in the event of an emergency?

The best number to reach Sam and Katie would be (708) 663-0637 and (708) 655-1187.

  • 2nd Shooters?

We believe it’s not the number of shooters but rather the quality of shooter that makes the biggest difference.  We specialize as individual shooters and in some instances we may incorporate the help of an Associate Assistant(s).  Please do NOT confuse them for a 2nd Shooter(s).  An Associate Assistant(s) may be shadowing, helping with carry gear, gather details, or assisting in any way the lead shooter sees fit.  The Associate Assistant(s) coverage varies from 1-4 hrs but ultimately depends on the lead shooters personal preference.  

  • Are there any dietary restrictions among the WCP Team?

A meal is not required but certainly greatly appreciated.  No meals are needed for any possible Associate Assistant(s) being they rarely assist beyond the reception cocktail hour.  There are also NO dietary restrictions among the entire WCP Team.

  • Do you have a questionnaire that the client needs to fill out?

We do indeed ask each and every client to help us out by completing our Wedding Day Questionnaire (Clicking Here) to the best of their ability before scheduling their final meeting.  We highly recommend the client schedule their Final Phone Meeting (Clicking Here) or even better an In-Studio Final Meeting (Clicking Here) 3-6 weeks before the big day.​  We also welcome any fellow vendors to the clients WCP Photo and/or Video final meeting, which is scheduled at the couples convenience. 

  • When are final balances due?

Final payments are invoiced upon completion of the edits.  The final payment is due before delivery, which is following the Wedding.  A Sam or Katie Service​ guarantees that those associated photos and/or videos are fully edited and ready within 14 days and awaiting your final payment.  All Associate Services, including possible teaser(s), are fully edited and ready within 4-10 weeks and awaiting your final payment.  Teaser(s) are delivered along side the full edits allowing the clients to release/drop the teaser(s) to family & friends as they see fit.  Unfortunately, we can NOT guarantee Wedding Album(s) and/or Print(s) delivery being all such product(s) depend on 3rd party printers.

  • Audio Feeds?

In order to maximize the audio quality of the ceremony and any reception toast(s) we would prefer to get a direct XLR feed out of the speaker via the thru or line-out.  In addition to the direct feed we will be utilizing our own personal 2.4 GHz lav mics (microphones operate in 83 MHz of spectrum between 2.400 GHz and 2.483 GHz by comparison, most wireless microphones today operate at lower “UHF” frequencies between 470 MHz and 698 MHz.) during the ceremony.  For any parties responsible for access to a direct feed and respectfully refusing to allow access we have a solution for you.  We believe your very own external recorder would be a huge asset to the client and clearly fellow vendors.  We have a bunch of older models that we no longer use.  You are more than welcome to pick up one from our studio and keep it for future use.  Please let me know if you would like to pick up the free external recorder.  Regardless, we can only capture the wedding that happens; weather, location, schedule complications, time restraints and subject’s ability to cooperate, are all factors in the quality of the photos and or videos.

Finally, if I can help with any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to me by all means and would you be able to share your final timeline to ensure we are all on the same page?   

Friendly reminder the best way to address any Vendor related questions or concerns is by scheduling a call by CLICKING HERE