Wedding Day Timeline FAQ’s

We have done our best to share a general timeframe for specific shots from our 10 year experience solely based on our shooting style. Other companies/shooters may vary dramatically. Additionally, no single Wedding is the same. We highly encourage each and every couple to ultimately prioritize the moments that matter most to them.

We will certainly do our best to capture and tell the entire story but would like to maximize the moments that matter most to each couple. Finally, the general timeframes below exclude, but are not limited to, the time to gather details, the time to travel/relocate, rounding up people of interest, weather complications, and all participants willingness to be captured. Regardless, we feel the general timeframes below serve as a great reference point.

* Stylized Detail Shots (Ex. Shoes, Jewelry, Invitation, Dresses, Flowers…)
Minimum – 10 Minutes
Ideal – 20 Minutes
Extraordinary – 30 Minutes

* Bride Getting Dressed **Excluding Possible Letter/Gift Exchanges, Bridesmaids Robe Shots, & Revealing 1st Looks**
Minimum – 15 Minutes
Ideal – 30 Minutes
Extraordinary – 40 Minutes

* Groom Prep
Minimum – 15 Minutes
Ideal – 30 Minutes

* Bridal Party Shots **Excluding Video Min 10 Minutes Ideal 15 Minutes**
Minimum – 30 Minutes (No Individuals Shots with Bride or Groom)
Ideal – 60 Minutes (30 Minutes Guys + 30 Minutes Gals Group Shots, Individuals Shots with Bride or Groom, & Full Bridal Party Shots)

* Bride & Groom Romantics **Excluding Video Minutes 15 Min Ideal 20 Minutes**
Minimum – 30 Minutes
Ideal – 45 Mininutes
Extraordinary – 60 Minutes

* Family Photos
Minimum – 25 Minutes
Ideal – 35 Minutes
Large Extended Family – 45 Minutes

* Bride & Groom 1st Look 
Minimum – 7 Minutes
Ideal – 12 Minutes

* Open Dance Floor
Ideal – 30 Minutes
Max – 45 Minutes